Pursuant to Art. 28 sec. 2 of the Act "Hunting Law" of October 13, 1995, the purpose of the activities of the State Forest Breeding Centers is:

  • conducting exemplary hunting grounds management and implementing new achievements in the field of hunting,
  • conduct a scientific research,
  • restoration of populations of extinct wild species,
  • breeding native species of game in order to populate the hunting grounds,
  • breeding of game especially useful in forest biocenoses,
  • conducting training in the field of hunting.

So, when you go hunting in the Game Breeding Centers of State Forests, you can be sure that you will come under the care of excellent specialists.

In addition to the implementation of the above-mentioned goals, in the Game Breeding Centers are organized hunting, which are an attraction for foreign and domestic hunters, to which we cordially invite You.

During hunting, hunters in our area are accompanied by hunting staff specialized in the field of hunting, who follow all the rules of ethics of culture and hunting tradition.

Our game breeding centers also have hunting quarters, which can be a perfect place for relaxation and a base not only for hunting, but also for exploring and learning about the beauty of our region.

Game Breeding Centers of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Toruń:

The total area of ​​hunting districts excluded from leasing and transferred to the management of the forest divisions of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Toruń: 82,074 ha, including forest area: 49,539 ha

What leads us there on quiet nights? What makes you crawl towards the rising sun? What makes us hunt? What power is this hobby that takes us from the asphalt tracks of civilization to the last swampy habitats, when nothing seems so unnatural in the modern, technical world that is urbanizing at an insane pace - like nature. …

Excerpt: Roman Batory „Hobby as big as a moose”