The forest districts of the RDSF in Toruń run game outlets for direct sale. At our direct sales points, you can find the healthiest meat from:

  • wild boar,
  • roe deer,
  • fallow deer,
  • red deer.

from Zamrzenica Forest District

The health values from meet of wild game, ​​result primarily from the lifestyle and lifestyle of wild animals.

Values of game meat:

  • more protein, the more valuable, because equal to the richer, exogenous amino acids (the body cannot produce them by itself),
  • vitamins, especially from group B,
  • minerals - calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and easily absorbable iron,
  • less cholesterol than other meat,
  • less fat than other meat.

The game meat is appreciated by the most distinguished gourmets. You can eat it in many method of preparing, both yourself and your preparation and invented.

Besides, the game meat is free from any antibiotics and chemical added to the animals feed.

We propose seasonally sell appropriately to the seasons and the hunting calendar. We offer the highest quality goods at a lower price than in butcher shops.

In addition to selling the meat under brand, the State Forests "Dobre z Lasu" recommends from Polish forests: venison, cold cuts, preserves, honey and fruits of undergrowth.

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What leads us there on quiet nights? What makes you crawl towards the rising sun? What makes us hunt? What power is this hobby that takes us from the asphalt tracks of civilization to the last swampy habitats, when nothing seems so unnatural in the modern, technical world that is urbanizing at an insane pace - like nature. …

Excerpt: Roman Batory „Hobby as big as a moose”