Hunting grounds

We are happy to show you the richness of the forests of Bory Tucholskie, Krajna and the Brodnica Lake District.

Zamrzenica Forest District

The majestry of our forests still captivates us. We see if as an oasis of peace. Meandering rivers and depths of lakes can calm the emotions of everyday matters. The unprecedented scale of impressions of the autum deer mating season will convince us of the strength of the forces of nature and life. We can participate in them. In this scenery, we will not be alone, because the most perfect hunters - wolves and lynxes, once again inhabiting their backwoods, will often observe us from hiding. Their presence proves the richness of hunting ground.

There are seven Animal Breeding Centers in the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Toruń. The hunting areas are managed by the Forest Districts of Brodnica, Dąbrowo, Lutówko, Runowo, Różanna and Zamrzenica.

Forest District OHZ LP district no. area (total) ha area (forest) ha
Brodnica Mszano 79 9690 2613
Dąbrowa Dąbrowa 17 11216 9857
Lutówko Lutówko 35 18140 8749
Różanna Różanna 72 9113 5488
Runowo Runowo 57 5070 2785
Zamrzenica Zamrzenica







Game Breeding Centers of the State Forests in Regional Directorate of State Forests in Toruń

Zamrzenica Forest District



What leads us there on quiet nights? What makes you crawl towards the rising sun? What makes us hunt? What power is this hobby that takes us from the asphalt tracks of civilization to the last swampy habitats, when nothing seems so unnatural in the modern, technical world that is urbanizing at an insane pace - like nature. …

Excerpt: Roman Batory „Hobby as big as a moose”