Różanna Forest District covers the hard-to-reach wilderness along the Koronowski Lagoon, gathering game. Hard-to-reach areas increase the chances of hunting success. For enthusiasts of roe deer hunting, they are a place to look for extremely interesting moths.

Hunters hunting in this region can visit the Pobrda hunting lodge, located in the immediate vicinity of the waters of the lagoon. There are also numerous agritourism farms with accommodation facilities nearby.


Borium - forest publishing house 

What leads us there on quiet nights? What makes you crawl towards the rising sun? What makes us hunt? What power is this hobby that takes us from the asphalt tracks of civilization to the last swampy habitats, when nothing seems so unnatural in the modern, technical world that is urbanizing at an insane pace - like nature. …

Excerpt: Roman Batory „Hobby as big as a moose”